Traveling a long way to see your favorite event?

Use our handy widget to the right to book your perfect hotel stay right in Bismarck, and while you’re there, why not extend it a night or two and get out and see this historic city. The Cathedral District, named after the Art Deco Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, is an historic neighborhood near downtown Bismarck, some homes in this neighborhood date to the 1880s. Buckstop Junction, just to the west of downtown, with buildings dating from 1875 to 1935 that were moved to this site by the Missouri Valley Historical Society for preservation. Be sure to visit the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum right in the heart of downtown Bismark.

Visit the Local attractions, Dakota Zoo is situated along the banks of the Missouri River just a short way east of the Event Center. Or, use your stay as a jumping off point, North Dakota is situated right in the heart of the American Great Plains, great for outdoor hiking and biking with nothing but the wind in your hair and the deer in the distance, with the Badlands and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park nearby your never short of amazing scenery. Find world-class fishing, sailing and canoeing in the lakes and rivers of North Dakota, the Missouri River system runs right through Bismark offering some incredible fishing and boating right in the middle of the city.

Hotels nearby often get fully booked around event dates so make sure you make your booking early.